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Welcome to the Crack the Casino site.  We will show you how to "crack the casino" by selecting a game that is more suitable for you and how you can increase your chance of winning by using some simple tricks.


Casino is a place to enjoy. It has beautiful resort, wonderful entertainments, fine dining restaurants and, of course, many exciting games to play.  Unless you do not play any game at all, otherwise, you will want to win the game and get some "lucky money".  At least, you will want to have a better chance of winning and the bottom line is that you will not lose too much money.

However, you have to understand the basic fact - it is the casinos to set the gaming rules and definitely the rules will favour the casinos.  In most of the cases, you have less than 50% of the chance to win a game.  Some games will give you a higher chance to win (close to 50%) and some games will give you less than 30% of winning, while the casino pay the same amount of money wagered for a winning wager.  That is, the game may not be a 'fair' game as you have less than 30% chance to win and the payout is only 1 to 1.


On the other hand, you have the option to pick the game you play and bet according to your choice.   Therefore, you can increase your chance of winning from less than 30% to close to 50%, or even higher. 

We will reveal the secrets of most of the common games in the casinos, from Slot Machines to Wheel of Fortune, and from Three Card Poker to Sic Bo.  Moreover, we will also teach you how you can increase your luck by doing a simple trick - to dress in the colour that favours you most.  There are five colours to choose from - Red, Yellow, White, Black and Green.


Cracking the Casino is not a Mission Impossible.




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There is no guarantee of winning.  We are not affiliated with any casino.  We disclaim all liability in respect of the results of any action taken upon information in this website.